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five Haircuts for Thin Hair

It was not long ago that thin hair was basically a style death sentence. Those days, however, are over. All it takes is a little self-education & creativity to make your thin hair look thick, stylish, and healthy. It just takes the right cut, style, and care to get the hair you want even if it is thin.

What is fine hair, though? Not everyone knows exactly what is meant by thin hair, so make certain you know what you have before you try to style it. There is also a definite difference between fine hair and thin hair, which will make a difference in your style. Fine is a reference to the diameter of each single strange. You can have a lot of hair on your head and it can still be fine. Thin or thick hair is in reference to how much hair you have. If you do have fine hair, though, you will be susceptible to thin hair as well. Age, stress, medications, and diet can also have an impact on the thickness or fineness of your hair.

The first way to get your thin hair looking thicker (or fatter) is by getting just the right haircut. There are five haircuts that serve the thin and fine hair types best. Of course, you will have to consider which look is best for both your hair type and the shape of your face, though.

The first cut to consider is the bob haircut. There are many variations, but no matter which one you choose, a bob will tend to make your hair look much thicker and healthier. A longer bob will work better with a fuller face, so you will have to figure out which is best for you.

The next cut you might consider is the chop. This is a basic bob-length hair style only with irregular ends. The chop will give sparse and thin hair style and shape that will be easy for you to maintain as well. Shape and style will invariably give hair more body.

Thirdly, consider a cap cut. This will work best if you have a very petite or oval shaped face. This all bangs look will give your hair body without taking away all the length. It's not for everyone, but it is a good look for the right face.

Another popular cut for those with thin or fine hair is the crop. A crop is any short, tapered haircut. There are problems with the cut, however; if you are over 45 it can do unflattering things to your chin and neckline. Also, the crop will put focus on your eyes, so flawed skin may draw more attention with a crop.

You may also consider a lightly layered mid-length look. Not everyone wants to chop off all their length, so this is a good alternative to the short cuts. Just brushing the shoulder, this look is on a slightly diagonal-forward moving line at the sides. Then, a few light layers help provide volume after drying of the hair.

In addition to or instead of a cut that will help your hair to appear thicker, there are technological advances that will allow you to thicken your hair. The latest focus has been on ways to fatten up individual strands of hair. Initially, these products used proteins that were infused into the cortex of the hair to fatten it. The problem was that some got really sticky if you overused it, but it did work. In today's market, however, there are new and improved hair thickeners. Most even come in complete lines so that you will have a thickening shampoo, conditioner, and styles so that you get triple treatment on fine, thin or thinning hair. As with anything, some work better than others, so you will want to shop almost for the ones that work best for you.

Thin, thinning, or fine hair does not mean you can't have healthy and thick looking hair. The key is to acknowledge what your hair type is and stick to styles, cuts, and products that will help you look your best. Consult a stylist on what might be the best looking cut, and shop around for the right hair care products for you. With the right care, treatment, and style you can have a thick full look with your hair.