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With a quarter of your body bones in your feet, your feet support most of your body weight. Well-groomed & well-cared for feet not only enhance your appearance, but also help in keeping you healthy.

Wearing proper footwear is the most important way you can care for your feet. Make certain that the shoes or any footwear you put on not only support you feet but also help balance your body. Wearing a good pair of shoes prevents you from having heel and back pains. Use different pairs of shoes for different activities. Have a pair you use for walking, driving, working, playing sports and such.

Recharge your tired feet by soaking them in warm water with salt for at least an hour. You can also try giving your feet a contrast for better circulation. Alternate dipping your feet and calves in hot and cold water. You can also give your fee a contrast in the shower. Spray hot water on your feet for about 3 minutes then spray them with cold water for one minute. Repeat this three or four times, ending with a minute of cold water.

Pamper your feet by massaging them with scented oil such as eucalyptus or lavender. A few drops of eucalyptus or lavender oil and rubbing it on your feet will relieve tiredness. You can also apply a good foot cream. Try petroleum jelly if you don't have foot cream reachable. Slather some petroleum jelly on your feet then put on an old pair of socks. You will wake up with smooth, refreshed feet in the morning.

If your feet have calluses, remove the calluses using a scrubbing pad. If your feet suffer from cracks, treat your feet to a regular pedicure. Do feet exercises to relax your feet. Sit on a chair and roll your feet on an empty wine or milk bottle.