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Few people can deny the power of mascara. Everyone knows that the "basic black dress" can be worn for a variety of occasions, formal and semi-formal. Sometimes even casual. Likewise, mascara is perpetually there, always in style. A black dress is timeless in its fashion, and mascara, too, is never out of date. And, just as that black dress is versatile, matching everything and infinitely malleable to the situation in a variety of styles, mascara, too offers a great deal of versatility and options.

The reason that mascara is so necessary is because it enhances the eyes. Many people agree that the eyes are the most attractive feature, and mascara's sole purpose is to call attention to the eyes and accent them, framing them with long, thick lashes. Mascara works by coating the lashes with a cosmetic that causes them to curl up and away from the eyes. This leaves the eye looking more open and wider. Additionally, the coating also creates a thickness on the lashes. This serves to better frame the eye and draw attention to this "window."

Even if a woman does not have time to meticulously apply eye shadow, she can help enhance her eyes by quickly applying mascara. Eye shadow is not even strictly necessary when one has mascara. It is a quick beauty tip that can help the eye look more beautiful without having to "over dress" it with shadow. Just like the basic black dress, it adds a simple and almost natural elegance that can actually be marred by greater flamboyance.

Another thing that is great about mascara is its adaptability. You can choose different types of mascara depending on your mood or your needs. There are different styles of mascara that you can choose, depending upon how your natural lashes look. Just as the cut of a dress can help enhance how you look, choosing lengthening mascara or thickening mascara can help you fit your choice to the needs of your eyes, much as you match a dress to the needs of your shape and figure. And of course, it is possible to do the basic black dress one better when you use mascara to dress the eye. Mascara comes in a variety of shades and colors so that you can get a more natural look by wearing something closer to your natural hair color, or create dramatic effect by wearing blue or purple mascara that can serve to further enhance the look of the eye.

Mascara comes in 2 main varieties: regular and waterproof. Each of these has its own benefits. Regular mascara is easier to remove, and it can be less irritating to the eyes. Waterproof mascara, on the other hand, is advantageous because it allows you to look great at the beach or at a pool party. It stays on much longer, and it is resistant to smearing and streaking, even when tears are shed. If you plan to be working out or being near water, waterproof mascara can be a great choice.

But, just like anything around the eye, it is important to use mascara with caution. Carefully apply it, taking care to avoid getting it in your eyes. You should never apply mascara while in a moving vehicle, whether it is a train or a car, and you certainly should not attempt its application while you are driving. Suddenly stops, turns, or jolts can result in serious eye injury. There are also health concerns when using mascara. You should never use someone else's mascara. The germs that others have and live with are different from the ones that your body is used to. The eyes are very sensitive and can easily be infected by foreign organisms. Most mascara is only good for use for about three months. After that it tends to be contaminated and dry. Try to purchase a new tube every three months, and avoid moistening the mascara with your saliva or with tap water. Again, this can cause eye infection.

Using mascara properly as a member of your beauty repertoire can help you feel better about yourself and easily enhance your most attractive feature: you eyes. The fact that it can be used along to affect a significant change in your look is enough to secure mascara as the "basic black dress" of cosmetics.