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Have you ever had a problem with choosing the right make-up for day and evening wear? Many women experience this dilemma every day. In general, you would use dark and bold colors for an evening party while light and simple make-up is better for day use. However, more than the colors, it is the lighting that causes a make-up to look different. Thus, when you are buying make-up, unceasingly keep the lighting factor in mind.

For example, soft, incandescent light that is normally used at home will make your make-up look amazing. This kind of lighting softens colors. This is the reason most photographers use incandescent lights during photo shoots. This type of lighting softens colors and makes you look flawless. Daylight or fluorescent light, on the other hand, sharpens colors. Thus, if you will be in a place with this type of lighting, wear make-up colors that have natural tones and are neutral. This will ensure that your make-up doesn't appear dramatic.

Some cosmetic shops or cosmetic counters at department stores are able to show you how you look in different kinds of light. Take advantage of this when you are buying make-up. Check your make-up under different lighting conditions. You want to make sure your foundation looks good on you during both daytime and nighttime. You might even want to check out how the make-up or foundation you are buying looks on you in sunlight.

With the convenience afforded by the internet, anything from toys to underwear to common household items can be bought online. There are online stores where you can purchase cosmetics. However, this poses a problem. The make-up color displayed on your computer screen may not look the same when it is applied on your face. The shades may not match correctly either. If you really want to take advantage of online ordering, it is greatest to purchase your make-up from a cosmetic shop first and then simply order refills online. This way, you can personally check and see which colors match you and how you would look wearing make-up under different lighting conditions.