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Have you ever wondered how some women's scent could linger long after they have left a room or passed by? The secret lies in layering. Scent layering is 1 of the most outstanding ways to give more staying power to the scent you use. It's simple: Use the same scent, preferably of the same product line, in your soap or shower gel, lotion, & perfume or cologne.

First step, the shower. Lather up with your favorite bath gel or shower gel with your choice of fragrance. After showering apply body lotion with the same fragrance on your arms and legs. Next, apply perfume or cologne of the same scent on your wrists, back of your ears and knees and on your cleavage.

You can also try scent layering by mixing two different scents in order to get a unique fragrance. This idea may sound delightful, but it can also give you disastrous results when not careful. When you mix two different scents, make sure that they compliment each other. Scents or fragrances are attainable in packs of two or more in many beauty and self-care shops. Typically, the scents come in separate containers.

It is best that you experiment mixing two scents during your free time. If you are experimenting with two scents of perfume or cologne, control the concentration by applying the lighter scent on you first, followed by the one with the more intense formula or that which has a stronger scent. You can also try spraying the two scents on a cotton ball in varying amounts until you arrive at the unique scent you like.

Perfumes with unique fragrances such as cardamom, tuberose, sandalwood, jasmine and such are available in the market. You can also try herbal scent layering where you use pure essential oils in the scents. For better effect, you can start with aroma therapeutic soap, and then apply herbal cream before applying these natural perfumes.

Before you apply your unique perfume or cologne scent, apply lotion on your body. Lotion helps recharge and moisturize your skin. It can also help you apply your scent evenly. There are lotions that release vitamins, emollients and fragrance to make the skin soft and supple so that it can retain any fragrance you apply on your skin for the whole day.