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For years the extent of grooming for men was a haircut and a quick shave. However, in today's society men are faced with a number of grooming options that may seem, to some, a little on the feminine side. Men now have the option of partaking in almost every grooming practice that women do. Advancements in grooming and changes of attitudes have allowed men to take care of their hair, skin and nails in ways that men never have in the past.

A man's hands can become rough and callused. For some men, this does not seem like much of a concern. However, some men may be surprised to know that something as small as taking care of their hands can prove to be a huge turn on for women. Manicures have long been thought of as a practice reserved for women only. But in recent years more and more men have taken up the process of keeping up with the care of their hands and nails. In addition to providing men with a rejuvenating process for their hands, manicures can also prove to be a relaxing and stress-relieving process. Most manicures begin with the client soaking his hands or having them placed in a warm wrap of some sorts. After that the skin of the hands is exfoliated, nails are trimmed and cuticles are cut to give hands and nails a soft and appealing appearance. Many manicures also include a hand massage which many men will find to be a very relaxing experience. In addition to discovering how relaxing a manicure can be, men who have never experienced a manicure may also be surprised at the positive response a manicure will get from their partner. Soft, well-treated hands can make a huge difference.

There are a number of other treatments in addition to manicures that men can pursue to enhance their grooming. one of these treatments is the facial. Facials provide customers with skin care in perhaps the most important place to groom" the face. Keeping the skin on your face clear and clean can make a huge difference when it comes to personal hygiene and grooming. Like manicures, facials were also long thought of as a practice only acceptable for women. However, in recent years facials have become more and more prevalent for men as well. The human face is made up of sensitive skin and should be cared for more carefully than other areas of the body that are covered by tougher skin. Facials can cleanse pores like no other processes, resulting in healthy skin that will undoubtedly be noticed. Since many men overlook the fact that skincare is of the utmost importance" particularly skincare for the face" facials can make a world of difference for those who have long neglected the skin on their face. Facial skin can vary from person to person but can often be either very oily or very dry. Facials can help to change either of these conditions, moisturizing and cleansing the skin better than any facial cleanser will do.

For a long time, hair care was not something that many men considered an important concern. However, lately more men have begun dying their hair, something women have done for decades. When people enter middle age and grey hairs begin to appear, many people see hair dye as a way of maintaining their youthful looks. For men, dying their hair can seem somewhat girly, but they should rest assured that there is nothing wrong with coloring their hair. In fact, for men who feel uncomfortable with getting their hair colored at a salon, at-home hair dye kits can be purchased.

For women who wish their man would take up some more meticulous grooming habits but cannot seem to convince him to make an appointment at a local spa, booking a couples appointment might just be the answer to their problem. By booking a couples appointment the man may see the spa trip as a date with his wife or girlfriend rather than a trip he is making to a spa to beautify and exfoliate. Many spas have an option for couples who are looking to visit the spa together. Couples can book together and take part in whatever spa treatments they would like to pursue together.