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There are many different ideas about how to lower you cholesterol levels. Really the most outstanding way is to get you physician's opinion on whether you would need to take the route with medications or if regular exercise & eating healthy would work for you. There is 1 other way out there that is known on lowering cholesterol and that is with herbs. You may have not heard much about it but it is out there.

There is some of the physicians out there that will just prescribe a prescription for the high cholesterol and recommend that you do get regular exercise and eat healthier food to help bring your cholesterol levels down to where they normal range is.

You would need to take what the physician tells you to heart on what you would have to do to get the cholesterol lowered because they would have a good idea about what would be to be done from experience and lots of schooling. You would think that after all that schooling they would have some kind of an idea of what they are talking about and what they are doing about it.

If you are tested with a high cholesterol level they will more than likely have you tested at least once a year to see if the medication that is provided for you is doing what they want it to do. Plus they would ask you if you are exercising like you should be and that would include eating right as well. Believe it or not they will keep after you on what you are doing in your every day life to make sure that you are not making it worse. So that you are working to make your life better than what it was.

1 mistake some make when they are trying to lower their cholesterol is that they go out and eat at places that cook with lots of grease and saturated fats. We all know that it is not a good idea to eat food with lots of saturated fats or cooked in grease and oil. That would just make it go up higher than usually.