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You need to pay close attention to your cholesterol level. With the cholesterol levels you may need to watch what you are eating or take prescriptions to help get lower cholesterol number for your body. The only way to find out if you have a good cholesterol number for your body is through you physician & the proper test.

Once you find that you have lower cholesterol then you may just need to watch what you are taking in through the foods that you eat in every day life. You would need to be careful not to eat food with a large amount of fat in or on it. I may be better to eat foods that are healthier for you such as different fruits and vegetables so that you are able to keep your cholesterol at a safe level.

In all of this it is better to keep in approximately touch with your family doctor so that they are able to monitor how you are doing with your cholesterol levels. They will help you in your efforts to keep the levels where they need to be at for you to have fewer complications with it later in life.

They may want to take some of the cholesterol medications if your cholesterol levels are real high to bring it down or you may just have to watch what you are eating in every day life if the cholesterol levels are not that high yet. But if you do not watch what you are taking in from what you eat you could be setting yourself up for more complications in the future.

When you have your cholesterol levels in the healthy range you could actually be saving your own life in the long range. When your cholesterol levels are up you could be setting yourself of for heart problem in the near future. They could cause you to have heart attacks or stocks from all the clot build up that is in your blood stream from the high cholesterol. The main thing to remember is that you would need to keep up with your yearly physicals so your doctor can keep a close eye on your cholesterol levels and keep you in good health.