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With all the talk about bad types of cholesterol that are out there, you should also be aware that there are some cholesterols that are good for your body as well. Doctors are not going to check your cholesterol levels until you near the age of forty. If you know your family has a constant history of high cholesterol & you are still younger, ask the doctor for a blood test so you can check now, before your cholesterol may get out of control. So, what are the benefits of having cholesterol in your body, and eating the right types of cholesterol for your life?

There have been some tests that have been done that show that those who have cholesterol that is a little on the high side will live longer than those who have very low cholesterol levels in their body. If your body does not have enough cholesterol in your body, you could suffer effects from this as well. Every person, every body does have some amount of cholesterol in the body, and if you have a little more than others this is not always such a bad thing.

Many people think that those who have the highest cholesterol levels will suffer from heart attacks and from heart problems. The fact is that there are many effects that the body cannot control that will have an effect on the heart. Cholesterol levels can add to the risk of having a heart attack but just because you have high cholesterol does not meant that you are destined to have a heart attack or heart problems. If you are overweight, and you are not watching the foods or the fats that you are eating, and you have high cholesterol and you are not exercising at all, you are going to be at risk for having a heart problem or a heart attack.

Heart problems and cardio vascular problems are often seen in those who are over sixty. Those who are over the age of sixty and that do not have high cholesterol are often at similar risk for having a heart attack or heart problems. The fact is that higher levels of cholesterol do aid many in the fight against infections. If you have a higher than average cholesterol level, but you are still not considered too high and in need for medications, you may find that you are sick less often than others who have very low levels of cholesterol.