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High cholesterol is a touchy subject for many. You could be one of the ones that end up with high cholesterol and would have to take a prescription to help bring it back down to a safer level. If you do not bring it down to the safe cholesterol for your body, you could end up with more problems than just high cholesterol. You could end up in the hospital with more serious complications that what you are ready for.

You may end up there with the signs of a stroke or hear attack. With high cholesterol you actually have clots going trough you that may end up blocking an artery or vain that would cause you to much discomfort and with the outcome of going through an operation to try to open up the blockage. That would not only be hard for you to go through but it would also be hard for your family to see you go through it as well.

There is help out there and the main person that can help you out is you doctor. They have the ability to give you the proper medication to help bring your cholesterol level down to where they should be for you. By doing this it could save you a lot of pain in the future.

You would defiantly need to listen to everything that your physician tells you so that you can help bring your cholesterol levels back down to where they need to be safely. The worse thing to do is find out the hard way that you have a cholesterol problem.

That may be when you end up in the hospital from heart complications that you were not aware of because you never went to the doctors for a check up when your were healthy. The main advice that you could give or even receive is that you need to attend the doctor for a check up at least once a year and let them know if you have a family history of high cholesterol. If you do have a family history of high cholesterol you may be subject to get it as well that is something that your physician would need to decide.