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Cholesterol to many people just about the world is considered to be a bad word, but really there is both good and bad cholesterol that everyone is going to experience. Every person has some amount of cholesterol in their body, and if you don't you most likely have thin blood or bleeding disorders. Cholesterol can be good for your body and lead to a healthy life in to the future. So let's learn a little more about cholesterol and how it can be both good and bad for your body.

Inside the small particles that make up cholesterol there are additional little particles that are knows as molecules. These little molecules are also known as carrier particles, carrier molecules. The carrier particles are going to be made up of proteins that are found in the foods that you eat. Proteins are often found in meats and in nuts, and in similar type foods. Because cholesterol is a type of fat, and because fat can't dissolve in water, these carrier particles that are attached to the cholesterol

The particles that are in your blood will aid in the digestion and in the carrying of the cholesterol through your body. The good carriers and the good cholesterol are known as the apportions and the bad cholesterol being carried by the proteins are also known as lipoproteins.

The high cholesterol levels are known to be associated with arteriosclerosis. If you have a higher level of cholesterol that is naturally processed and produced in the body, you are known to have high density lipoprotein. The higher levels of good cholesterols are going to help your blood flow easily through your body. With high bad cholesterol, your blood doesn't flow as easily through your body, as it is thicker and can't move as easily.

Cholesterol in your blood is not perpetually going to be high, and it is not always going to be high. You can control the bad cholesterol in your body by having it checked every year, by cutting back on the fats that are on the foods that you eat and by cutting back on the stress in your life. Adding exercise to your life, and adding medications as suggested by your doctor is going to give you the best overall effects for lowering your bad cholesterol.