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You need to pay close attention to your cholesterol levels at all times. 1 main time is when you are told that you are at risk of have high cholesterol levels because of your family history or from what you are eating on a daily basis. You would be at risk of high cholesterol because of your tree had into problems with high cholesterol in the past.

Even if the family did not have any problem with cholesterol you could still put yourself in danger. One way is by what you eat. You need to keep a close eye on what you are eating on a daily basis because if you are eating a lot of fatty food that would be a good reason for putting your cholesterol levels up.

You would need to consult a physician to find out what the safe levels of cholesterol for you are going to be. If you think that you are in the family tree or dietary line that you are prone to having high cholesterol you would want to mention that to him or her.

If they believe that you may be subject to high cholesterol they will send you for a cholesterol test to see if you are having any problem. Once the test is done and everything is normal they will let you know just what is the best thing for you to do so that you may not have to worry so much about getting high cholesterol in the future.

Yet if it does come back as being high they will tell you if you would have to take a high cholesterol medication or if you change you eating and exercising habit would help it out any. No mater what the results are you would need to make certain that you are eating healthy and exercising properly. If you take these main two steps you could help yourself prevent getting high cholesterol in the near future. But you would still need to see your family doctor at least every year for a check up or a cholesterol test if needed.