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There are a few different ways to cholesterol treatment. 1 main and probable most popular way is through the doctor. They have a large availability to the way that they can treat your cholesterol and in different forms. They may have you begin with a regular diet and exercise if your level is not too high but it is does become so high that the regular diet and exercise is not working well they will prescribe a prescription to you that will help with the cholesterol level.

Yet, to the surprise of most people even with the cholesterol medication you still need to have a regular diet and exercise on a regular basis. You may be surprised on gust how well the three of them will work together and bring the high cholesterol down to in the normal range once again. If it does not come down to the physicians satisfaction in a year they may increase your dose of medication or mainly just find out what you are doing that is making it stay up and not come down right.

No matter how you would look at it its better to get a professionals opinion when it would come to your health. They will help you go down the right path for the high cholesterol and they will hope that you are going to take what they say and follow all directions that they give you to follow. If you do not follow all the directions that they give you they will find out 1 way or another. It might take a year for the results to come back on if you are following their suggested route but it will all come back to them.

They will have you retested and they may even call the family to see if you are eating right and exercising properly to help bring it down correctly or if you are just doing as you were before you were diagnosed with high cholesterol. The word of thought is that it is a good concept to listen to you doctor and follow what they say to the word because it will all come out in the end.