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Learning to manage time is 1 of the things many people find hard to do. More often than not, mismanagement of time is simply the result of not having a structured schedule.

The first step towards managing your time effectively and efficiently is to keep a personal schedule. The next step is to stick to a schedule and commit to it as firmly as possible. Doing this is a big leap toward mastering your time management skills.

Changing your schedule too frequently breaks good scheduling habits and creates a tendency to forget tasks. Avoid flipping or changing your schedule too often. When you get used to doing something, even if it was initially hard to do, it soon becomes part of your routine. It is no longer painful or difficult to do. For example, maintaining a regular sleep schedule will help you in managing your time. Avoid flipping your schedule or staying up too late on weekends. You are only disrupting your sleeping habit. Come Monday morning, you will be exhausted and most likely unable to function and do your tasks efficiently.

In addition, you would likely forget to go to to important tasks when you change your schedule too often. Unlike a long established schedule, your new schedule would require that you memorize what you have to do. For some people, this might not seem like a big deal. However, others would have a hard time adjusting and find it a good reason to be confused and miss doing some tasks. Avoid giving yourself this unnecessary trouble. Stick to your schedule and follow it as firmly as possible. By doing so, you can work on solving your existing problems rather than fixing new ones.

Sticking to a schedule can help you avoid mistakes and waste time. You also save yourself the hassle of unlearning good habits and learning bad ones.