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It is necessary to clean air conditioners often. If you live in a heavily polluted place, there is every possibility that dust will get collected in your air conditioner. These dust particles will slow down the condenser of your air conditioner and force it to work harder. When this happens, the air conditioner's efficiency will be affected. It is recommended that you have your air conditioner steam-cleaned every two years under normal circumstances. In case you are living in an area where dust and pollution is high, clean your air conditioner every year for best results.

Remove your air conditioner's panels so you can clean the evaporator or condenser coils. You can either brush or vacuum the coils or you can mix water and detergent and spray from the inside using a garden sprayer and rinse using a hose. Be careful not to spray or rinse the electrical parts of the air conditioner and that the fins and the coils are not damaged. You need to also regularly clean the air filters to eliminate mold problems caused by the moisture inside your air conditioning unit.

Steam cleaning air conditioners involves special chemical cleaners to be shot into the air conditioning unit using high pressure and powerful steam machines at the rate of up to 150 pounds per square inch. There are also vapor steam cleaners, which use dry steam without chemicals. The heat enters through the pores of the air conditioner and viruses, dust mites, fungi and molds are instantly killed in the dry steam. The main advantage of vapor steam cleaning is that your carpets will not get wet during the process. Any wetness caused by dry steam dries in within 15 minutes. This is ideal for persons suffering from chemical allergies as no chemical is used during vapor steam cleaning.