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Cholesterol is a ongoing problem for millions of people roughly the world. cholesterol is a ongoing problem when it clogs the arteries and causes additional health problem for the body. While many associate high cholesterol with having a heart attack high cholesterol is going to clog your arteries and cause the additional problems. There are many things that will influence if you will have high cholesterol or if you are at risk for having problems with high cholesterol would include your diet, what you are eating, your age, and your weight, your gender and to a point your genetics and any other diseases or medical conditions you may be suffering with, and it will also be dependent on your lifestyle, meaning if you exercise at all or if you have high levels of stress in your life.

Your diet is going to play a big part as factors contributing to cholesterol problems and high levels of cholesterol in your blood. If you are eating foods that are high in saturated fats, and if you are eating foods that contain high levels of cholesterol (even if these are the same foods or if they are two different types of foods) you could be at right for having high cholesterol. If you are eating lots of red meats, foods that originate from animals this could also affect your cholesterol being higher.

As you tend to get older, your cholesterol levels will also tend to rise naturally and if you are eating additional cholesterol in your diet, your cholesterol levels are going to rise. Getting control of your cholesterol and the foods you eat in the beginning, as you are young is going to make a difference later on in life. If you are just finding you have a slight problem with cholesterol you can fight back, get control over what you are eating and you can lower it.

Your age is not the only thing that will have an effect on your cholesterol levels. Your weight is also going to have an effect on your cholesterol levels. Your weight in the belly region, the added inches does seem to have an impact on those who are having problems with high cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol, and you have a thicker waist line, slim down to help yourself lower your cholesterol.