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Cholesterol is a fatty like liquid substance that will float almost in your blood. Cholesterol is a substance that is carried through your blood by protein particles that are also known as molecules. You really can't see cholesterol with the naked eye, but your doctor, who is trained in testing blood and in testing for high cholesterol levels will be able to tell you if you are border line, or if you are facing a rough patch to overcome high cholesterol. If you are diagnosed with high cholesterol, it is not a highly problematic problem, but one that you can overcome. If you are determined to get over and change your diet, you can do this and lower your cholesterol for your healthy future.

The cholesterol that your body produces will combine with the cholesterol that is in your foods that you eat every day. If you find that you are having a struggle in keeping your cholesterol down, and your family doctor is suggesting that you consider taking medications to lower your cholesterol, you should know that you will also have to change your diet to keep your cholesterol down for overall better effects even with the use of medications.

There are many things that will affect if you are a candidate, or someone who is going to be at risk for having high cholesterol over your lifetime. Some of the conditions that going to be adding factors if you are going to have high cholesterol include how old you are. The older that you get to be, the higher the cholesterol naturally produced in your body is. Combine that with the foods you eat and the high cholesterol in the foods, and you will end up with cholesterol levels that could be dangerous for your health.

As you gain weight, your body is going to be prone to retaining and making cholesterols levels that are not considered to be low for your body. As you gain weight and you find your waistline getting a little bigger, you are at risk for having problems with high cholesterol in the future. If you are over the age of forty, and you have a waist size that is over 36 you should at very least have your cholesterol levels checked to be certain you are not border line, and so that you can start to watch your cholesterol intake now before problems do start to happen.

If you are not physically active, your body is still producing cholesterol and this can lead to additional problems involving high cholesterol in the body.