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Are you aware that you can test your cholesterol at home now? Well you can & the results may be real accurate but are you going to be certain if they are? You can get results rather quickly and they are usually close unless you do not follow the directions. You may even do the test wrong suck as not fasting or not taking the blood at the right time or location.

You would have to be very careful on what you are planning to do to your self to get the results if you do not attend the doctors like you should. Even if you do a home cholesterol test you would still need to get a hold of your physician and talk over the results with him or her. They may still want to send you to get the blood drawn and have the lab do the test for them so they would feel more comfortable with the results that are given.

The only right things to do is go and talk to your family physician and see what is the most outstanding route for you to take. Really if you think about why is it so hard for someone to go and talk to a doctor because when you think about it they are just a regular person like you and me and they are just there to help you stay in good health. & really they would know the best thing for you.

Why is it that people think that they are able to do everything on their own when there are plenty of people out there to help us out? Sometime it is better for you to talk to someone that is certified to help you out instead of trying to make everything better on your own. You know, in your mind, that the best way to do a cholesterol test is through the doctor and it does not take long at all. Plus you would get accurate results from the doctor as well. You could out of curiosity do a home test and compare it with your doctors results to see just how accurate the home test systems are.