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Cholesterol is found in most all foods that have some type of meat or nut in them. If you are not looking at the ingredients in the foods that you are eating, you could be eating a high amount of cholesterol and not even realize it. Reading labels on everything you are eating is going to be important for your future, and your health. High cholesterol that is not taken care of can create a domino effect in your life, leading to additional blood problems, clots, and additional medical problems. You want to be healthy and enjoy the many years of your life, and controlling your cholesterol is going to be a good first step in this long and healthy life.

What are some of the types of foods you should consider eating if you want to avoid all those bad cholesterols in your personal diet? High fiber foods are going to be good for your change in diet. This is going to include cereals and whole grain breads. Look to wheat or rye instead of white breads. If you like, add fruit to your diet. If you like fruit juice is going to add some amount of fiber to your diet but fresh fruits is going to add more fiber to your diet than fruit juices will. Look for real fruit juices and not artificially sweetened juices. Do you like to drink milk? You should be drinking skim or 2% milk instead of drinking whole milk. Whole milk has a lot of calories, and a lot of fat in it that is going to be harmful to your lower cholesterol diet.

If you love to eat crackers, look to crackers that do not have peanut butter on them. If you have to have crackers, and find they keep you away from all the snacks that are higher in cholesterol and fats, look to whole grain crackers that are going to help you keep your cholesterol in check. Your cholesterol can climb from those hidden things you don't even realize that contain cholesterol such as the nuts and peanut butter. Eating fruits that have the skins on them is going to be better for you then skinning a fruit, such as with an apple.