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Cholesterol and children is a topic that you just don't hear much about. Teaching your children about eating right, from the start, from when they are young, is going to build great eating habits for years to come. Eating right is a learned process 1 that you will have to teach your children and your family so when they are faced with a greasy burger or a big salad, they will make the right choice for their own liking and their own health no matter what else every one else is eating at that time. Children have choices in what they are eating every day in school so your educating them is going to help them for the long term and a healthy future.

Children often need a little help in finding what is good to eat right now, when there are cakes and cookies in the cupboard. First keep a stock or oranges, apples, grapes, carrots, celery and all the other types of fruits and veggies that you can be chopped and carried by children while tasting good at the same time. These types things don't need dressings or extras with them to be a good snack that is low in cholesterol and good for teaching eating habits at the same time.

Looking for something that is going to really satisfy that growing child instead of cakes and cookies? Slice up some ham or slice up some chicken that has been cooked for a meal you have had (that doesn't have fat on it) and put it on a salad or on crackers for a good small snack or even for lunch. You can cut up meats, and add a few pieces of carrots or tomatoes on the plate for a real healthy snack that will keep the energized all day long.

If you have a child that is a little more excited about foods and you want to teach that child that there are many foods they can have, they can try, and that they don't have to ask to have, you can include the use of: any type of bits of fruits that are fresh and chopped, raisins, grapes, pineapples, and oranges or grapefruits. You can also serve your children apples, apple slices, or dried fruit for a good healthy snack that is low in cholesterol. For lower cholesterol foods you can feel good about serving your children and your entire family, look to juice bars, or sherbets, or sorbets, you can also serve dried cereals and cereal bars or even some types of fruit bars. Read the labels and find out how much cholesterol is in each serving, to know if you should be serving or stocking these types of foods in your home.