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Tonkinese cats are a hybrid breed between the stocky Burmese & the svelte Siamese breed of cats. Having acquired the best traits of both parents, and evolving sure agreeable ones of their own, the Tonkinese or Tonks rate quite high on the popularity scale.

Tonks are well loved for two reasons: their pleasing body structure and their even more pleasing personality. They are smart, devoted and extremely curious. They love people and are so fond of social company that they will literally follow you around, and jump into your lap at every given opportunity.

This characteristic of Tonks has created a high demand for them. However, the Tonkinese are not suited for those who travel a lot. They must find a companion for their pet whenever they leave town..

The body structure of the Tonkinese is a pleasant mix of the Burmese and Siamese; neither stocky nor slender, Tonks are somewhere in between with a moderate albeit heavy and muscular frame. Female cats weigh about 6 to 8 pounds, while males can be up to 12 pounds. A striking feature of the Tonkinese is its beautifully shaped almond eyes, which could be a deep aqua blue (from its Siamese genes) or range from green-to-gold (from its Burmese genes).

Being a cross, Tonks come in three, distinctive patterns. The pointed Tonk resembles the Siamese breed, while the solid Tonk resembles its Burmese parent. The mink falls in between; this pattern is the result of the Tonk inheriting one copy of the Siamese gene and one copy of the Burmese gene. In fact, the mink patterned Tonks are quite popular and considered 'high-quality'. Tonks can vary in color tones from brown and champagne to blue and silvery-gray.

Tonks are highly agreeable even when it comes to grooming. The cats have a short, silky coat that they manage to take care of themselves. A routine brushing every week is more than enough to maintain the quality of fur. Annual vaccinations and dental check-ups are of course a must. Although Tonks are healthy cats, it helps to research the authenticity of the breeder who is selling you the cat. Tonks can cost anywhere between $350-$550 for pets and up to $600 for show cats.