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Taming feral cats is difficult because most of these cats have either had no interaction with human beings or else they have had a negative interaction, and have become distrustful. Based on their interaction these cats are classified as total, semi-feral and converted feral. Each one has its own problems when it comes to adoption or socialization.

Total feral cats are those that have had no previous human contact. These are most difficult to tame because they are not willing to shed their independent ways. Semi-feral cats are those who have had some direct human contact while converted feral cats are abandoned domestic cats, which have been on the streets for a few months or several years. They are more likely to respond to human love and affection.

Before taming feral cats it is necessary to think about the fact that an adult feral cat may require a few months or even a year to socialize. They may even end up building a strong bond with persons who socialize with them in the animal shelter. However, this is not in the interest of adoption, because these cats then don't take easily to their new owners.

The owners too may be forced to give up these cats because they can't get used to their regressive behavior.

In contrast, semi-feral cats socialize easily. However, if the semi-feral cats are old and have been in the streets for many years, they acquire the independent instincts of a total feral. It then becomes difficult to reinitiate these cats in a human environment. Quite often semi-feral cats are overwhelmed when new people enter their environment resulting in their withdrawal. In such cases it would be wise not to push them into a human environment.

The easiest cat to tame is the converted feral. It is used to human company and the comforts of a warm home. The first instincts of such a cat are to return to the comfortable home environs. However, these cats may also respond negatively if they have been badly treated by humans.

You therefore have to be careful when trying to tame a feral cat. Any harsh measures may evoke complete disliking. The cat may withdraw into its shell and refuse to cooperate. At the other end, a converted feral may become so dependent on its trainer that it may refuse to associate itself with another human being. You therefore have to strike a middle path if you want to help these creatures.