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If you are bringing a cat home for the first time you must avoid falling prey to sure common cat rearing mistakes. You must remember that cats are creatures that require regular care and can be extremely temperamental.

Some of the common mistakes that you need to avoid are:

  1. Your decision to acquire a cat in the first place should consistently be well thought out. You need to consider how and what and when you will feed the cat, how much time can you to devote to for its grooming and medical check-ups (if any), and also whether you can financially afford to have a cat. In addition, you need to verify if the particular kitten/cat you are adopting equals you in terms of temperament and personality. This is definitely not an easy process, but it is very important because a cat should not be returned a month or 2 after acquire. A cat is a living, sentimental being and you ought to put careful thought into your choice.
  2. Once you have bought yourself a cat, the next essential detail to look into is its health. This involves 3 primary aspects:
    • Spraying and Neutering:It is always advisable to get your cat neutered. If you fail to comply with this one golden rule, you are going to have a tough time dealing with the mood swings and sexual drives of your cat.
    • Veterinary Care:You must have a qualified vet to look after your cat's medical needs. This includes taking your cat for regular check-ups, annual vaccinations as well as for medical emergencies. Even if you detect a minor change in your cat's health, you must consult the vet to avoid further risk.
    • Declawing:You should ask your vet to declaw your cat if, and only if, it is violent in nature; otherwise this unnecessary procedure will cause a lot of grief to your pet as cats need their claws for a great many non-violent activities too.
  3. The food you purchase for your cat also goes a long way in determining its overall well being. Avoid cheap substitutes; go in for a quality product that provides the required nutrients.
  4. Cats are creatures that thrive on cleanliness and proper grooming. A cat's litter box is its one personal space that always needs to be well looked after if you want your cat to use it.

Finally, remember that cats instinctively seek high places and sharpen their claws continually. Do not get annoyed at your cat's antics as they have certain biological needs that you must learn to accept.