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Grooming in cats is required for two basic reasons. The first is cleanliness and hygiene; and the second is food habits and table manners. Both are equally important, and need your full attention.

Biologically speaking, cats need to be clean and feel clean at all times. They have the ability of grooming themselves and other cats with their tongues. A cat's tongue is a very useful grooming instrument because it has a rough texture, which enables the cat to lick off and pick out close to all objects that may be stuck to its fur. Moreover, the cat's saliva consists of sure disinfectants that get collected on its coat every time it licks itself, and thus helps to keep the coat dirt free.

Cats lick and groom other cats as a sign of affection and to seek comfort or bonding. When a cat indulges in grooming itself, it is termed as 'Auto-Grooming', whereas when one cat grooms another, it is termed as 'Allo Grooming'.

The in-born habit of cats to groom themselves does not mean that cat owners have no responsibility in keeping their pets clean. Cat owners must make it a point to keep their cats dirt and infection free by regular grooming. Regular visits to the vet, annual vaccinations and a routine fur-brushing system must be put in location. Baths are a must too, albeit not on a regular level - once or twice a month is fine -- but face washing must be practiced daily.

Cats are messy eaters. This is a plain and simple fact that every cat owner knows. Working close to the mess that your cat makes at each meal is not an easy task. Typically, a cat will sniff at its food, take its own sweet time in examining the contents of its food bowl and then begin only to leave the meal in half. It returns later to bite off parts of wholes, leaving the uneaten parts in every corner of the room except in the food bowl.

Years of trying and testing have at last yielded one solution to lessen the cleaning-up you have to do after your cat is through with its meals. You can do this with a large, wide, plastic serving tray. The tray gives the cat enough room to scatter the food. Since it is made of plastic it's light and easy to clean. All you have to do is pick up the well-used tray after your cat ends its meal and wash it clean!