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There are seven tea brewing tips that can add extra flavor to your tea. These are:

  1. Quality of the tea: Never compromise on the quality of tea. Value the pleasure more than the price. You must remember that tea that costs $100 per pound, only costs 50 cents per cup when steeped.
  2. Quality of the water: After tea leaves, this is the most important ingredient. Make sure that you use fresh, clean water and not filtered or distilled water. Also, avoid boiling water because boiling expels oxygen and makes the water go flat. It is most terrific to steep tea in water that is not fully boiled.
  3. Correct measurement: You can standardize your flavor by using a tea balance. The best brews are made by using Two.5 to 3 grams of leaves per 5-six ounces of water.
  4. Correct steeping temperature: Different teas require different steeping temperatures. : If you are a meticulous person and love your morning or evening tea then you must purchase a thermometer. Use it to infuse tea at the right time. Here are some widely accepted steeping temperatures:
    • Black tea should be made with water at full boil -- that is 212 degrees.
    • Oolong tea should be made between 190 and 203 degrees.
    • Green tea should be made with slightly cooler water -- between 160 and 180 degrees.
    • White tea is brewed best in water whose temperature ranges from 150 to 160 degrees.
    • Herbal teas should be made in boiling water.
  5. Correct steeping time: This is another important parameter. You can use the following yardsticks while deciding the time that suits you best:
    • Black tea should be steeped for Four-Six minutes.
    • Oolong teas have different steeping times. Some need to be brewed for 3-4 minutes, while others may need 6-8 minutes. You have to find the right time through experimentation.
    • Green teas don't take much time. They are ready for serving in 2 to 3 minutes.
    • White teas are the most delicate. They should not be steeped for more than 2 minutes.
    • Puerh teas are hard teas and should be steeped for least Seven-8 minutes.
  6. Space to expand: You should never cramp the tea leaves. Make sure that there is enough space in the infuser for the teas to expand. It is best to infuse tea in kettle because the tea leaves can easily expand to three times their size, releasing the stored flavor and aroma. This does not happen in the case of tea balls.
  7. Storage: Finally, don't forget storage. The tea loses flavor if it is exposed to oxygen and light. To enjoy your tea longer make sure that you keep it in an airtight, opaque container. The dark colored and tightly rolled teas will stay fresh for more than 6 months.