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Tea can be poured in a porcelain cup, a metal glass or a shallow saucer. Some may gulp it down; others may swish it or slurp it; yet others may sip it delicately from fine china cups placed on delicate saucers. Depending upon your likes & dislikes you can find a way to have tea. But you can't ignore the tea accessories that have become a part of the tea-making exercise.

These start from water kettles. There are households that have been brewing tea for years in the same metal kettles. Some may have even inherited tea kettles from their parents. But they feel very comfortable with the kettle they have been using for years.

Those who are not so lucky must keep a few things in mind while buying tea kettles. They must ensure that the lid fits tightly. Otherwise, there is invariably the danger of the hot water blowing into your face. You should also ensure that the handles don't get hot, and are screwed firmly in the kettle.

The size of the kettle is equally important. You should not aquire big kettles if you want to brew one or two cups of tea at a time. It is more sensible to buy a small kettle that meets your needs.

The teapot is another important accessory. You must take great care to choose a teapot. While a Two-cup or 4-cup porcelain teapot is perfect for black teas; a Japanese or Chinese teapot should be preferred for green or oolong teas. Clear glass teapots are the greatest for herbal infusions.

You must always ensure that the teapot has a tight-fitting lid, a smooth and polished surface, balanced proportions and a spout that doesn't leak. Nothing is more annoying than a leaking teapot.

Another essential tea accessory is the tea infuser. The most common variety is the wire mesh infuser. Besides this, there are ball infusers, traditional bamboo infusers and infuser presses. An ideal infuser should fit the whole mug or extend deeply into the teapot.

Those who love their tea or are finicky about their morning cuppa also have a measuring teaspoon, digital timer, thermometers to check the steeping temperature, tight-fitting containers to store tea; elegant tea cups and a delicate tea cozy. One should not also forget the tea tray. It maybe the last link in the chain of tea accessories but is equally important.