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Whether you are headed for a getaway, driving to an appointment or simply meeting a friend for an afternoon coffee, making good time is important. Planning is important for any trip, whether it's leisure or business. Arriving on time is vital. It shows you value both your time and other people's time.

When you are headed to your vacation destination, you want to make your trip enjoyable. And it starts with planning the activities that have to do with your vacation. You make sure your travel arrangements are finalized. You leave early so you can avoid traffic and be on time for your flights. You aquire and pack things you need for your trip to avoid needless stops. If you are traveling with your family, you want to avoid getting stuck in traffic with a car full of complaining kids and an irritated spouse. Your vacation is ruined before it even begins.

The same goes for when you have appointments. You make sure you arrive at your appointments on time, preferably at least 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment, by leaving early. You also account the time you will take trying to find parking space. If it is a business appointment, arriving early means you have time to freshen up and review your notes. In the corporate world, your punctuality reflects your professionalism.

If it is a personal appointment, like a dental or doctor appointment, arriving early means you have some idle time to do small tasks. You are on your way to mastering the art of time management if you are able to accomplish five-minute or ten-minute tasks while you wait for your turn at the dentist's or doctor's office.

The key to effective time management is planning. It can save you from wasting your time and experiencing unpleasant situations.