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Do you constantly find yourself rummaging through your drawers & file cabinets to find an important document? Are you always losing important bills, receipts or memos under a mountain of unsorted, disorganized paperwork on your desk? Help yourself, and stop wasting time anymore.

One of the easiest and simplest things you can do to organize your files and documents is to group them in categories. Put them in color-coded folders or envelopes. If you follow this simple step of organizing your files and documents, you save yourself time and stress from having to guess where you have put important documents.

For example, pick and store all your professional documents such as employment contracts, business agreements, tax documents and memos in black folders. Any document that is related to your professional life, you should put in this folder. The next time you are searching for any of these documents, you only need to search within the black folders. Other types of documents will not distract you; thus, you will finish your search as fast and effectively as possible.

You can categorize personal documents further into medical documents, domestic documents and filial/legal documents. You can store all medical documents such as medical history of each family member, your and your children's doctor/dental appointments, hospitalization documents, prescriptions and such in a blue folder. Domestic documents such as bank account statements, mortgages, loans, credit card bills, car and health insurance and utility bills can be in yellow folders. You can put legal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver's license and wills in green folders.

Mathematically speaking, by sorting, categorizing and color-coding your files and documents and doing four folder categories, you automatically save 3-quarters of the time that it would take you to find a document.