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Unless you're a teenager, moisturizing your skin is not an option. Our skin has natural moisturizers but these natural moisturizers need to be augmented after a sure age. Our skin tends to be drier as we grow older. Enter skin moisturizers, which help prevent our skin from being dry.

Dermatologists recommend moisturizing right after cleansing the skin, particularly after a shower or bath, or toning the face. When applied right after a shower, a moisturizer helps retain moisture on the skin. Apply body moisturizer as soon as you finish showering. Pat your skin dry, but leave it damp, and apply moisturizer. This seals in moisture on your skin. For dry hands or feet, start an exfoliating regimen to remove dead skin cells, followed by a rich moisturizer.

A cream-based moisturizer is most terrific for daily use. However, if you're prone to vacation outs, use an oil-free moisturizer. Moisturizers that don't contain perfumes or lanolin are recommended for sensitive skin.. It's best to check with a dermatologist for advice on what moisturizing formula match your needs.

You may not need to aquire expensive moisturizers, though, because you may already have moisturizers attainable in your fridge or cupboard. Mayonnaise, for one, is an effective facial moisturizer. Apply a tablespoon of mayonnaise on your face. Gently rub in circular motion, then rinse off with water and mild soap. Petroleum jelly, vegetable oil and peanut oil can all be used as a moisturizer. Adding a tablespoon of castor oil to your bath water will do wonders in moisturizing dry skin. For a quick remedy for dry skin: mash half a cup of avocado, gently apply it on the dry areas. Leave it on for 15 minutes before rinsing off with water and mild soap.