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Nails are normally used to make a strong joint between two materials or to hang or fit things to the wall or roof. The best joint is achievable if the nails are driven in the correct angle.

There are several kinds of nails for you to choose from and use for any kind of home repair job requiring the use of nails. The different kinds of nails include round wire, oval wire, masonry nail, lost head, hardboard pin, panel pin, clout nail and flooring board, to name some. Wire nails are the best ones for light jobs. There are also special nails for special needs such as carpet nails for fixing carpets and fabrics, annular nail for plywood and sheet materials, roofing nails for external work and pipe nails for fixing drainpipes to bricks.

Because nails are meant to create strong and permanent joints, you should choose the correct type of nail. This is because it might be difficult to remove the wrong nail and drive in the correct one later. You can also damage the material if you use the wrong nail. Use common nails for wood construction and finishing nails for cabinetwork. If the nails have to be driven between dry wall and wood, drywall nails are the right choice. Boat nails are best not only for boats but can also be used for outdoor furniture and fences. Forming nails are nails with two heads and are used for temporary work because they can be removed easily. To prevent rusting, use galvanized roofing nails to hold shingles. For concrete and masonry work, use concrete nails.

To make a joint very strong, use two nails. Drive them in opposite directions and use adhesive that works well on wood. If you have any difficulty in choosing the right nail for a home repair job, seek the help of an expert or get guidance from any local construction site or hardware store.