Let's get started...

Clean your toilets on a regular basis. Have cleaning products readily available. For simple toilet cleaning jobs, you need to have liquid spray cleaner for porcelain tops, cleanser for your bathroom floors and bathtubs, scrubs, paper towels and an old toothbrush, which you can use to clean places that are hard to reach. Keep these items stored in a carrying tray or bucket so you can easily carry them in and out of your bathrooms.

Toilet cleaning is a simple activity. However, you must do it carefully, thoroughly and completely so that all the bacteria and mineral deposit that have built up are removed. Start cleaning the toilet by pouring your cleanser into the toilet bowl. With a toilet brush of scrub, swish it in the water so that it mixes thoroughly. Leave it for some time. Do not flush.

Next, spray both the inside and the outside of the toilet with the spray cleaner. Spray every part of the toilet, making assured that you spray every part. Using paper towels, wipe the toilet starting from the top portion of the toilet seat. Wipe the flush handle, hinges, under the toilet seat, seat stoppers and the sides of the toilet bowl. Use an old toothbrush to clean roughly the hinges and bolts at the base of the toilet. Use it also to clean the scrub places that are hard to reach.

When you are done cleaning the outside of the toilet, take a scrub or a brush and scrub the inside of the toilet. The cleanser you poured in earlier would have worked its cleaning magic by now. You simply need to scrub and rinse the grime away and that will complete your toilet cleaning.

After every toilet-cleaning job, store your cleaning items in a darkroom or in a cabinet where it can't be reached or opened by small children or pets.

And here is a simple toilet maintenance tip: Flush a cup of baking soda into the toilet bowl once a week. Baking soda controls the pH level in the septic tank that aids the flushing process.