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Screws are used to hold things together like wood, plastic or metal. Screws are available in different varieties. Different types of screws are available for different types of repair jobs. Choose the most outstanding & most appropriate screw for your job.

The most commonly used screws are the slotted screw heads. A slotted screw head has a linear slot in its head. Standard screwdrivers can be used on this type of screws.

An improved variety of the slotted screw head is the Phillips head screw, which supplies enough surface between the screwdriver and the screw. This minimizes wear on the screw and prevents slipping. A Phillips head screw has a cross-shaped groove. A screwdriver with a Phillips head can be used for this type of screw.

A hex head screw has a hexagonal shaped head with no grooves or slots. Hex head screws can be driven onto a surface using an adjustable wrench or a wrench set. There are also other screw heads like square and one-way Torx, which can require special tools for fitting and removing.

Screws are also differentiated based on the shape of the screw heads. Pan head, button head, round head, flat head, oval head, truss head and fillister head are some of the different screw heads available in the market.

The thread variety of the screw is used to select the appropriate screws based on the material. Wood screws are specifically to be used for holding wood together. The threads in wood screws are coarse and deep, which help grab wood well. Select wood screws with fine threads for hard woods and wood screws with coarse threads to hold softer woods. High-low screws that contain 2 sets of alternating height threads can be used for low-density material. Self-tapping screws designed to tap their own holes are also good for woodwork.

Selecting the proper screws for a repair job requires no experience or license. Just make assured that the screws you select are long and strong enough to hold pieces together. If necessary, select galvanized screws because they do not rust.