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If you frequently do simple home repair jobs, it is important that you know the different kinds of tools you can use and their uses. This is because when you use the right tool for a particular home repair job, you save time and energy. It also prevents further damage to the object you are repairing.

Tools for home repair jobs include cutting tools and drilling tools. Measuring tapes, levels and squares are measuring and leveling tools. Sandpaper, planes, files and rasps are tools you use for sanding. Hammers, ladders, shovels, work bench, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and clamps are tolls you would typically use for many different mechanical and wood-related home repair jobs.

Choosing the right tool for the job can be a challenge for those who have just started doing simple home repair jobs. For example, you need to use a cutting tool. Determine the type of material that has to be cut. Is it wood, metal, plastic or laminate? Then you choose the cutting tool with the correct cutting blade. Your choice of tool also depends on the design of the cut (e.g., straight or complicated) and the nature of the material (e.g., thick or thin).

When you are working on ceramic tiles, use tile nippers. For electrical wires, the tool to use is a linesman's pliers or diagonal cutters. Use power shears if you are working on carpets, sheet metal, plastic, foam rubber, clipboard and such. A handsaw is the tool to use if you want to cut drywall or lumber. For cutting pipes and thread rods, a hacksaw will do the job.

You can use wrenches in place of pliers. Wrenches come in various types, shapes and sizes. Use a pipe wrench when you are working on threaded pipes. A spud wrench is the tool to use when you are working on toilet connectors and sink traps. For small fittings, use the crescent wrench, also known as adjustable wrench. For general household purpose, use the multi-wrench because it fits into different sizes of bolts and nuts.

Familiarize yourself with the different kinds of tools you will use for big and small home repair jobs. Know how and when to use them. This will ensure you do the any home repair job right.