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When you are constantly busy & on the go with work, it can be difficult to keep a regular exercise schedule. Relying on your self-discipline to get you up at six:30 on Saturday morning for a run is probably not the best idea, but fortunately you no longer have to bully yourself out of bed for exercise. Gyms that cater to busy workers are popping up all over the country and more established gyms are offering better deals for the nine-5 crowds. You should check out the facility itself along with the terms of the deal before signing anything. Here are some tips for finding the best gym for you!

Check the schedule

Many gyms now stay open twenty-four hours a day, including the popular chain 24-Hour Fitness, allowing you to work out at any time of day or night. You may not necessarily want to work out at 3AM but for some people it does fit into their schedules much better than a typical gym. If your job typically keeps you at the office past 7 in the evening, then heading straight to the gym will probably work for you. Most trainers recommend not exercising within 3 hours of going to bed to avoid difficulty in falling asleep and you should keep that in mind when you exercise in the evening. If you are interested in taking classes at the gym, talk to a staff member about the evening class selection. Gyms that value their busy working patrons will offer a full selection of cardio and yoga classes for the evening hours. Also find out about any restrictions" does the pool close at 10 P.M.? Will you need identification to use equipment after a sure time? Knowing these things ahead of time will save you stress and hassle later on.

Investigate the facilities

The facilities offered by the gym can be more important to some people than others, but at the very minimum a good gym should offer a weight-lifting room fully equipped with machines that in top condition, a wide open area for cardio exercise classes, separate locker rooms for men and women, and a swimming pool. Other gyms may offer specialized classes like Spinning and Yogilates or amenities like saunas and massage services. Decide ahead of time what's important to you and write down exactly what you want in a gym. Visit some local gyms and determine how they measure up to your needs. You should check out each area thoroughly and feel comfortable with it. Subtly check out the gym-goers and ask yourself if they look like people with whom you would feel comfortable sharing machines and locker rooms. Investigate the locker room for your use and assess its level of cleanliness. You may want to ask a staff member about maintenance and cleanliness. Another important aspect that many people forget about is the parking lot. Did you have trouble finding a parking area when you came? Ask a staff member or gym regular about parking and the number of people that use it. Find out the busy times and slow times, and then assess how it fits into your schedule.

Read the contract before you sign

This one seems like it should be obvious but too many people sign all kinds of contracts without ever reading the fine print. This is especially important in a gym contract because if you have to cancel early for any reason, there can be sizable fees involved. The contract will also tell you exactly what is included for your money for you can make the most of your contract. Maybe you didn't realize you would have access to the spa but the contract states that you do. That's a nice bonus right there! You should be offered your own copy of the contract and if not, feel free to make one for your records so that you can refer to it if any dispute arises over your usage of the gym.

Understand the fees

This is something else you should understand fully before signing the contract. Many gyms offer graduated programs that can be adapted to your needs. If you know you aren't interested in the swimming pool (even though that's a fantastic way to shape up) then you may not have to pay for the use of it. If your potential gym doesn't offer a program like that, ask if they would be willing to make a special deal with you. Explain that you really like the gym but don't need the full package offered. Many gyms are willing to negotiate with you as long as you approach it with friendliness and respect.