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Walking is one of the most popular activities for seniors. Whenever you see seniors walking in your neighborhood on a regular basis, trouping along whether it is a perfect day or not, it motivates you in your own activity and inspires you to become a healthy senior yourself. Fit seniors are one of the best role models for all who are young. Growing older does not seem as daunting when a senior can portray their independence by keeping motivated. After just a week of staying on a walking schedule, you may feel that you too can be an example to other people and seniors and that you can talk the healthy lifestyle talk.

Any senior who is not out there, staying in the fresh air and keeping themselves moving, seems to be missing out on one of the staples of the senior lifestyle and life in general. Walking keeps the mind fresh and all of the organs and limbs working. Even if a senior needs assistance to walk, or is in a wheel chair, they seem happier and healthier when they continue to get out and let their body join with the liveliness of the outdoors. As a senior, you can become one of the lively walkers that live life to the fullest and are free to brag that they are keeping active despite the number that represents the years they have lived.

A little motivation and realization of how much a brisk walk can improve your mood; can help get you on the walking trail to a fitter self. Your heart and mind will benefit greatly from a 30 to 40 minute walk, three times a week. You will be able to think clearer and breathe better. You can also cut down on chances of chronic disease by getting the blood moving through your body. Walking seniors are the healthy envy of the neighborhood because they are living life to a fuller extent than those of us sitting in the blue light of our television sets. If you let your doctor know that you want to start walking, which is a good concept, 99% of the time they will be encouraged that you are taking your wellness seriously. Walkers eat, sleep and move better and you can be one of them with a simple opening of the door.

To become one of the walking seniors that you admire, make assured you have a pair of shoes that are comfortable for you. This should mean that they are the type of shoe that you could wear for several hours without feeling like you desperately want to change into a different pair. Also, wearing a few layers is a good idea, so you can warm up gradually and cool down the same way. Knowing the place that you want to walk in is also a good idea. Neighbors tend to look out for each other, so preferably, you will start taking walks roughly your own neighborhood; but if that is not possible, try a mall or a public park. It is never too late to join the groups of walkers that are daily parading through the malls as soon as they open.

If you find it difficult to get into a routine of walking every day or every other day, see if you can find a friend or family member to walk with you. Remember, someone who knows you, especially if they are somewhat younger, will be encouraged by your motivation and healthy idea. Show them that you are doing what you can to stay healthy and that walking will be great for both of you to share. A good partner will enable you to enjoy one of the other great benefits of walking, which is talking. A walking partner will help keep up your pace, and will provide the conversation to take your mind off your exertion. Keep in mind, that a faster or challenging pace should be worked up to for awhile before going any further. There is no reason to not enjoy the soothing effects of a gentle walk until you build up your speed. You can still talk the talk even if you are keeping your pace below a low roar.