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Hypertension is 1 of the major problems that many people face today. There are many causes of or reasons for hypertension. The causes or reasons may very from one person to the next. 1 of the reasons for hypertension could be genetic. Other reasons are a stressful and tension-filled lifestyle, obesity, kidney diseases, hormonal imbalance, blood flow blockade, arteriosclerosis and the use of steroids.

If you have hypertension, you can control hypertension by making changes in your lifestyle and following a sensible and healthy diet. You will need to consult with your nutritionist on the matter of diet. A nutritionist can recommend a good diet to help you control your hypertension. When you reduce your hypertension, you avoid the dangers of heart disease and kidney disease.

Intake of high calorie foods lead to obesity. Thus, a proper calorie intake is needed for each person. A person's calorie intake varies according to the person's sex, age and type of physical activity he or she does in the course of a normal day.

People with severe hypertension also have to reduce their intake of protein. Researches and studies have indicated that an intake of just one gram of protein per kilogram of a person's weight is sufficient amount of protein for a person with hypertension.

Low fat diet is recommended for people with hypertension. People with hypertension are also advised to avoid consuming foods that contain high levels of animal fat. Meat, margarine butter usually has high levels of saturated fatty acids. These saturated fatty acids are not good for a person's health. It is also recommended that foods for people with hypertension be cooked in corn oil, olive oil or sunflower oil. It is also good for hypertensive people to refrain from eating meat, eggs, prawns, liver and lobster.

To ensure that the body and its organs are functioning properly, the body needs minerals and vitamins. People with hypertension should not take more than three grams of sodium per day. Instead, they can take more potassium. Foods like leafy vegetables, apricots, tomatoes and bitter gourd are potassium rich. And finally, people with hypertension need to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. Avoiding these would help to reduce the adverse effects of hypertension.