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Who doesn't want a more attractive bottom line? Exercise mavens note that shaping the glutes (gluteus maximus, the official name for the muscles of your tush) is the single item most likely to appear on the priority lists of both men & women on all ages. It tends to creep its way up the priority list over the years as age and nature take their inevitable toll on the bottom line. The loss of muscle mass that goes along with aging is the prime culprit in sagging tushes and dropping bottom lines. However, say a fitness expert, that doesn't mean that you can't do anything to tone your tush, even in the golden years.

If you're looking to shape up your butt with just exercise, though, it won't be that easy. According to Women's Sports & Fitness magazine, it takes a combination of healthy diet, cardio exercise and specific shaping exercises to get that shapely, rounded and firm bottom that is everybody's goal. Because the rear end is 1 of the body's storehouses for fat, you can shape and firm the underlying muscles all you want" but it won't make a difference if you can't see them through the layer of fat that covers them. In addition, some of the most terrific butt-sculpting exercises are ones that can be hazardous if you've been diagnosed with osteoporosis or arthritis. Here are the best tips for seniors who want to tone their tushes" the safe and fun way.

Before undertaking any exercise program, see your doctor to get his blessing. Exercise is a good thing" and most doctors will be happy to refer you to a professional who can help you design a workout program that's perfect for you.

Take a good look at your diet and tune it up. Eating healthy will help keep that fat padding over your bottom to a minimum and let all the effort you're putting into toning your tush show through.

The best toners for your tush are stair-climbing and jogging" exercises that work those gluteus muscles to the max. They also have the advantage of being aerobic" they'll keep your cardio and pulmonary systems working at top capacity and reduce the risks of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis and osteoporosis.

To get maximum benefit from your walking and jogging, you can add light weights to ankles. That way you also take advantage of strength and resistance training that can strengthen your bones and help improve your balance.

If your doctor or physical therapist Okays them, squat thrusts are amazingly efficient at sculpting your bottom into shape. Because one-leg thrusts put all your body's weight on one leg, you'll be practicing balance as well as improving your bottom line. Don't do these if you have osteoporosis or any type of arthritis, though. The risk of compression fractures is too great.

If your doctor feels that jogging and stair climbing are too risky because of joint problems, it doesn't mean you can't work those glutes. Jogging and working out in water takes the pressure off joints and eliminates impact stress entirely, while increasing the benefits of most exercise because of the added water resistance. Check with your doctor to be sure, but most experts feel that water aerobics are an excellent alternative to high-impact and joint-stressing exercises like jogging.

Another alternative to high impact, weight bearing aerobics is chair aerobics. Seated exercise may sound like a contradiction in terms, but you can get one heck of a good workout for your butt with leg bounces, knee lifts and crossing scissor-kicks all without ever standing up on your own two feet.

Among the physical activities that are great for your bottom are golfing, walking, swimming, jogging, dancing and bowling. If a regular exercise program isn't for you, engage in one of these activities three times a week (or three of them once a week or.. you get the idea) for at least half an hour.

A regular workout and exercise program that focuses on toning your tush is a great way to keep your body looking" and feeling" young and healthy. Don't let a sagging bottom bring your spirits down" join in the fun and trim your bottom line.