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A cat should not be bought on impulse. There are several factors that must be considered before buying a cat. These include situations like illness in a family, possibility of transfer to a new city, arrival of a new baby or an occasion like a wedding where several guests are expected to keep you busy. Mating season is another time when not to get a cat.

You should also avoid getting a cat during holidays, unless you are sure of dedicating your holidays to your pet. Steady flow of strangers into the house, irregular schedules or traveling during break time has an unsettling effect on most cats. They can not only ruin your holidays with their tantrums but also create problems for your guests and family members.

It is also wrong to get a cat while you are studying, and staying in a rented place. You may enjoy the company of the cat during school days but you wouldn't know what to do with the cat during vacations. This is bad for the cat.

Military personnel who are constantly on the move should also avoid getting cats till they are certain of a stable posting. If, however, they still go ahead and get a cat as a pet then they must make sure that their spouse or some other family member takes responsibility of the cat while they are away.

You must also consider your financial situation and the size of your home before getting a cat. Among other things, you should have sufficient funds to support your cat's medical care, training, food, litter, grooming, toys and other requirements. You should have enough indoor and outdoor space to keep a pet. If you are living in leased apartment, then the rental agreement of your house should permit keeping a pet.

Also, you should have a tacit consent of members of your family. It should not be that you may love your cat but your wife may hate it. You should avoid getting a cat if any member of your family is allergic to cats. This will only add to your troubles.

Finally, you must purchase a cat only when you are certain that you can allocate a certain amount of time to your cats. This time will vary from cat to cat. For instance, kittens require focused attention whereas old cats can be left to keep themselves busy once their daily schedule is organized.