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When it comes to buying a cat there are several options attainable. You can purchase a cat from a pet store, animal welfare agency, cattery, breeding home, or from friends and people known to them. You can also look into the pet sale column in your local newspaper, and buy a cat.

However, when doing so you must keep two points in mind. These are:

  1. You should trust the person (people) from whom you want to buy a cat. This is very important because you should buy a cat from a person who is known to treat pets well, and who will not lie to you. Often, people sell cats which are less than six-8 weeks old, knowing fully well that cats should not to be separated from their mothers at such a tender age.
  2. The cat you buy is a healthy, affable and well-treated creature. This is because some cat diseases are contagious, and you will end up paying hefty bills to your vet if you buy sick cats. Whenever you visit a seller, check the place where the cats are kept. Don't buy cats from places which keep them in unhealthy or unhygienic environments.

Ask for registered pedigree certificates, record of vaccinations, and worming certificates. Check to see if the kitten or cat is alert and well fed; also find out if its parents are at the same place. Seeing your potential pet's parents will give you a clue about its family and pedigree.

Keep a sharp lookout for signs of an unhealthy cat. Cats which are sneezing, have a cold or are suffering from diarrhea are not a good option; even if the condition may be temporary. Do not take chances. Request permission to show them to a vet before taking them home. This will give you a clear concept of the cat's real health.

Be alert for suspicious or fidgety answers. Sellers who are honest will have no hesitation to answer your questions. But sellers who have something to hide will be very reluctant to share information.

When buying a cat from a cattery or animal home check their policies. It is quite possible that you may be forced to return the pet after a few days because you can't take care of it. Catteries or homes that don't take cats back should be avoided.