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Persian cats form the top end of the feline spectrum. They are regal in behavior, and undoubtedly an owner's pride and joy. What's more Persians are extremely mild-tempered and easy-going cats. They are social creatures, and seek human attention and affection. They enjoy petting, cuddling and lap sitting; they also love long resting hours. A Persian will rarely let its meow be heard; in fact, many say its behavior has a comforting effect on humans!

The most important aspect of a Persian's life is grooming. Persians have long, thick fur that needs to be maintained with regular care. If you don't follow a regular grooming regime, your Persian is going to end up with untidy, tangled locks, which would have to be shaved off in a highly uncomplimentary way to get rid of the stiff, matted hair.

Persians have two coats of fur; the outer coat can get up to 8 inches long, while the undercoat is equally bushy and requires special care. This includes brushing the coat on a day-to-day basis for a minimum of 10 minutes as well as a professional grooming session once a week.

Most Persians can go without baths for days; however, a bath every two weeks is advisable. It is also helpful to wash the cat's face everyday so the area approximately the eyes and mouth looks fresh and bright. Another tactic you could employ is to regularly trim the hair around the anus, so that there is no unhealthy accumulation of waste matter; however, this is not practical if you take your pet to a lot of cat showings.

There are two basic varieties of Persians. These can be made out only from their facial features since both varieties have the same rotund structure. The Extreme Variety has a flat nose, giving it a snubbed look, which ropes in all the ribbons at the cat shows. The nose is short and set quite high (almost in line with the eyes) on the face.

The Traditional Variety, in comparison, does not have a flat nose. Also, the nose is set much lower down on the face. Despite the relatively good looks of the extreme Persian, the traditional Persian too has a great many aficionados.

The typical body structure of a Persian is characterized by its solidity and roundness. However, this is hidden by the thick, plush fur. Combined with its round features, the thick fur adds to its vibrant and elegant appearance.