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Keeping a cat occupied is an onerous task. It requires an understanding of their needs, and making an effort to fulfill those needs. Every cat owner must realize that cats get bored easily. They desire constant attention, and if they don't get it they can get frustrated and unhappy and become a nuisance.

There are many ways to keep a cat busy. These include building climbing frames, bird feeders, fish tanks or food puzzles. The climbing frame can be set up in a strategic place, from where the cats can get a panoramic view of the activity approximately them. This is what cats love. It gives them the pleasure of being the centre of activity without stirring out of their safe perch.

A window feeder for birds is another exciting diversion. Birds arouse the primeval instincts in cats, and they can spend hours watching birds feed - even if this happens at a place which is just out of their reach.

Fish tanks with tight lids are another source of pleasure. Even though the cats cannot catch the fish, the thrill of 'pseudo' fishing from outside the tank keeps them occupied. They return to fish tanks to play 'catch' with the fish.

Another activity that comes naturally to cats is hunting for food. The cat owners need to be creative in providing feeding opportunities. The eating process can be made entertaining by arranging food in different ways. Buster Cube, which has several compartments for keeping food, is a great favorite of cats. They love the food to fall out of closed doors as they 'bat' with their paws.

Similarly, the cats can be fed through a rolling tube whose both ends are sealed but the sides are drilled with holes. The food is released as the cats chase the tube. Ping-pong balls with holes are another way of providing food to cats. Cats can be made to play with ping-pong balls spread on a smooth floor. Owners must, however, make sure that the food hunts are organized around food that cats love. Otherwise, they will loose interest in the game soon, and refuse to participate.

Predatory games such as a fishing pole with string attached or feather wands also stimulate the cats mentally. Today, most stores sell self-activated automatic predatory toys. These can be very useful in keeping the cat engaged for hours.

However, all these activities require constant attention from the cat owner. So, if you want to have a cat as a pet then you should be ready to spare some time for the pet too.