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An auto insurance claim is given when you are looking for your insurance policy to pay for some of the damages that may have been done to your vehicle, to another person or their vehicle or to property that has been damaged at your fault. When you file a claim against your car insurance, you will be requesting that they take care of this problem for you. One thing to keep in mind is that you are paying for your auto insurance for a reason & this is just why. So, if you find that you are in need of help in paying off the damages or finding a way to cover the expenses of someone else because of some goof that you may have made, you will want to file this type of claim to your insurance company.

Many individuals believe that they should never report anything to their insurance company. They believe that any time that they do they will be causing their own insurance to go up. They may need to pay more for their insurance after making a claim. This is true to some level. If you are found to be guilty of making this happen, there is a chance that you will need to pay more for your insurance, but probably it will not be too much and it will not be something that lasts forever either. Now, if you do not make that claim and do not report the accident to your insurance company and they find out that it has happened by pulling a report of your driving record, they are likely to raise your rates possibly even higher and they may even question whether they should include you again in another policy.

When you are a risk to a company, the insurance company will likely decide not to renew your insurance policy or they may actually just raise your insurance rates slightly. This may be something that you do not want to face, but it may be something that you just need to.