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Auto insurance rates are funny things. It is possible get 1 rate from an insurance company & a friend may get an entirely different insurance rate. There are many things that make the rate, or cost, of the insurance to change from person to person, place to place and even company to company. That is why it is very important for someone shopping for auto insurance to get the most bang for their buck and compare several insurance companies before making a decision. Needless to say, shopping almost for insurance rates is just smart shopping altogether.

Rates go up and down for many reasons. They can go up whenever there is additional risk involved in the insurance policy. The more risk you are, the more they will want for covering you. For example, if someone have gotten into several traffic violations, their insurance rates are likely to go up. They are more of a risk now. If someone is a young and inexperienced driver, their risk has gone up and therefore it will cost them more than it will cost others that have more experience.

Auto insurance also is dictated by the company. Some insurance companies will offer more benefits to those that have multiple insurance policies with them. Others will offer discounted rates to individuals that have good students. Still, there are excellent rates for individuals that have good credit scores too. Yet, even with all of this determined, there are still many other factors that go into the insurance rates that a company will offer to you. This includes simply the rates that the insurance company charges. Some offer lower rates than others.

Shopping around for the lowest insurance rates for your auto is essential. People can find that some will offer a significantly lower rate of insurance than others for no really obvious reason. Take the time to compare them and save money on insurance.